About us.

Comicbook Entertainment Pte Ltd is a Singaporean entertainment company that aspires to provide original content over the top (OTT) similar to online entertainment platforms like Netflix and Hulu etc. The company has adopted a personalized strategy to achieve its objectives by focusing on its core strengths of creating high-quality content at low costs.

Our Vision.

We are passionate about delivering engaging visual experiences.Over the next 5 years, we plan to deliver gradually 600 episodes worth of content. 24 episodes in 2019, 50 in 2020, 150 in 2021, 300 in 2022 and 600 in 2023.

5) Programming strategy:

There is stiff competition in obtaining market share amongst the OTT providers at present. The general strategy of most platforms is to offer a wide variety of original content through acquisition and production. To deliver an unique experience, our strategy is to interconnect all 600 episodes worth of content to each other, stringing it into a mega drama series that will develop within a single virtual universe. The objective is to retain audience loyalty to the platform instead of solely to the content.